Screw You, Mom Guilt

Being a mom is the hardest freaking job on the planet.

There is the cooking and the cleaning and the errands, but that is just the obvious stuff.

There is the worry. The stomach turning, mind racing, worry about every possible situation your child could face.

There is the stress of all that needs to be done and the shortage of hours in a day.

But none of that compares to mom guilt.

Mom guilt is that pit of your stomach feeling that we get when we do anything, I mean ANYTHING, that doesn’t revolve around our kids.

We grow these little humans in our stomach.

We give up our bodies. We give up our sleep. We give up our time.

We bring them into this world in the most excruciatingly painful way imaginable.

We forget about it all in an instant when we see our precious little miracles.

We take them home from the hospital with absolutely no idea what we are doing.

All of a sudden we have these tiny people that we have to keep alive with no instructions on how to do that.

We stay up and rock them all night.

We teach them to walk and play and communicate.

They become who we are.

We live to care for our babies.

We give them everything that we have.

We spend all of our money and time and energy making sure they have everything they need and want.

The love we feel for these babies? It’s unimaginable.

Moms would do anything in the world for their kids.

We would give them the food off our plate, the clothes off our back.

And despite it all, we never feel like it is good enough.

No matter what we do, we have this mom guilt in our souls that we can’t escape.

Were we too hard on them? Were we hard enough on them?

Did we say the right thing? Did we do the right thing?

And heaven forbid we do something for ourselves….

Spend money on ourselves?

Go on a trip, alone?

Well then we are just the worst people in the world.

And yeah other people and society can make us feel that way, but really there is no one that makes a mom feel worse than herself.

It is because we love our babies SO much.

They deserve the world. They deserve everything they could ever want and more.

In our eyes, nothing will ever be good enough for our babies.

Not even us.

But here is the thing mama’s, we need to let this go.

We are mothers and that is who we are, but it is not all we are.

We are allowed to have our own dreams and goals and hobbies.

We are allowed to make ourselves a priority, sometimes.

In fact, we need to.

We need to choose ourselves.

We need to teach our children the value of our own happiness.

Just imagine, for a moment, if a mama showed herself the same grace she shows her babies?

Imagine if we loved ourselves, the way we have loved them since before they were even born.

Don’t just imagine it, do it.

In 2021, mom guilt is canceled.

Go out dancing with your girlfriends.

Go on the trip of a lifetime.

Follow the dream that you gave up on forever ago.

Find a new hobby.

Go back to school.

Whatever you have always wanted to do, do that.

Empower other moms to do the same.

Teach your babies that the kindness we show ourselves is just as important as the kindness we show the world.

Say SCREW YOU to mom guilt.

We are moms but we are not just moms – and that is okay.

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