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About Us

The Blonde (Kendra)

Kendra is a 28-year-old special needs mama. She moved to Greenville, South Carolina a few years back.. Kendra is originally from New Jersey.

She is a Sales and Marketing Director that has been working remotley since before COVID made it cool.

Her amazing son, Parker, is 3 years old. Parker is a happy, loving, sweet, autistic little boy.

His nicknames are “Parker P” or just “P” for short. He earned his Parker Poo names, but that is a story for another time…

The Brunette (Maykayla)

Maykayla is a 27-year-old single mom to a smart, funny, loving, autistic little boy name Jayce. She sells yacht parties by day, plans weddings by night and navigates the world of special needs in between all of that.

She proudly identifies as a “Hot Mess Mom”. She doesn’t make homemade gourmet dinners every night, she isn’t class mom, she is forever turning in permission slips late and she probably drinks too much wine.

Despite all of this, she loves her littler human more than life itself. Her journey has been far from perfect. It has been messy, loud, lonely and hard. Now-a-days she laughs through the hard and cries a lot less than she did at the beginning.

Come along and join her to discover the raw, funny, painful, beautiful life of a special need’s mama.

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